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Hammertone Audio distributes Allnic Audio Electronics and ZL Technology cables

Key features of RCA & XLR cables:

Zero Loss Technology – using scientifically proven materials and production techniques to achieve near seamless integration of audio system components

  • Mu-metal braided shielding
  • Mid-Range Control Technology – MRCT®
  • Zero Loss Technology, Allnic Audio’s specialty methods for eliminating audio cable signal loss by minimizing three resistances: Linkage Resistance, Contact Resistance, and Wire Resistance.
    • Linkage Resistance minimized: 1000o C high temperature welding completely integrates terminations and wire
    • Contact Resistance minimized: Combination of techniques for maximum contact area and pressure
    • Wire Resistance minimized: Optimized wire thickness

Adding up more depth, more recorded ambiance, more bass, more textural diversity, more transient fidelity in the time domain and finally improved power conversion... I wasn't at a loss but serious gains from lots of (lower) losses. Prior flavour shifts with cable assignments had mostly played along the axes of hard/soft, bright/dull and shiny/matte to register as primarily sideways moves. But Allnic's ZL loom had unceremoniously leapfrogged into a higher octave of resolution and recreation of space. After sixteen years on the job, I'd been had in a bigger way than I thought I still had room for.

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