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Woodsong Custom 301Plinth

USD$1,950.00 USD$1,450.00

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SOLD Thanks for your interest

Local customer recently contracted this plinth with Chris Harban of Woodsong Audio for potential purchase of one of my Garrard 301’s.

Customer decided to purchase my Garrard 501 during the build of the 301 plinth, hence no further need. It was too late to cancel the build so here it sits. The 301’s I owned were recently sold so what we have for sale is a mint, new in wrapping, 2 cantilevered armboard 301 plinth designed to accommodate 2 – 12″ arms. Gorgeous! Industrial finished Baltic Birch ply with curly maple veneer and 3 maple arm boards.

Isolation footers are the not too expensive with outstanding visual and hand felt quality, Track Audio turntable feet. Chris Harban tells me these are the cats ass for isolation, much preferred for Garrard projects over the you know who, 3 times as expensive competition.

Ships from BC, Canada

This is a plop in and play plinth project. Saves you the grief of a 6 month to one year wait and countless minute decisions. It’s ready to go!


Trades, maybe. Would consider a decent 12″ arm, a good CD transport.

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