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Silver Circle – Pure Power One 5.0SE




Selling my long time owned and used, Silver Circle Audio Pure Power One 5.0 SE line transformer.

This 5.0 KVA transformer 90 pound beast hulks behind my Home Theater set up offering lots of power to my 250WPC Proceed HPA’s and accessories. Clean, noise reducing performance with gobs of power on reserve. This unit comes with factory boxes and the 20AMP Vesuvius power cord although after swapping it out for the Allnic ZL5000 power cord, new levels of performance were realized. TV exhibited darker, deeper blacks with higher image resolution and depth, sonically the electronics were supplied enhanced growly, tighter bass with terrific transients. All good.

Bought this new from factory, this Silver Circle was custom designed to mount on it’s side for space constraints. The 65lb transformer has bracketing system to prevent from sliding or breaking away internally from chassis.

Contact for delivered price. Buyer of this unit will receive a strong recommendation of upgrading to the Allnic power cord with a good guy price.


Trades? Perhaps



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