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Garrard 301’s – Kind of a crazy ad and description

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SOLD , thanks for all your interest!

What I’m sharing is an idea that really needs to be telephone discussed with potential investors.

I have 2 Garrard 301’s.  Of the 2 I would like to sell one or both or a plinth or ???   The perfectly operating cream coloured 301 is a Chris Harban of Woodsong complete restoration.  This table is flawless, looks and runs like it just rolled off a 1957 Garrard plant  production line. Possible options of either stock or Steve Dobbins copper platter and possible variety of plinth also.

From a local friend I have new in wrap Woodsong 301 plinth with 2 arm set up and multiple arm boards. Possible.

I also have a Ray Clark Classic HiFi Solid Chassis version of 301. I had sent a 301 to Ray Clark for hopeful correction (chassis bent in shipment) It originated as a Hammertone 301 that was shipped with Mirko platter and bearing. Of course the seller sent me Mirko’s 16 pound platter flimsily wrapped atop the mint Hammertone chassis by the $8.00 an hour UPS packaging service. The platter broke free and bent the chassis. So, sent it to Ray for correction, could not be straightened and was upsold to his 2200 GBP solid bronze chassis donating my Hammertone  301 motor and under carriage I originally sent for repair. (I had paid $3500 for original chassis).

This is becoming a long story.

I invested in Ray’s  gorgeous looking solidly machined bronze chassis, had motor and guts installed, shipped it home and mounted Mirko’s platter and bearing. The story finalizes with Mirko’s bearing rumbles and the platter rides like a warped record….ARGGGGH!

So, what this Gorgeous CTC 301 needs is a proper Garrard bearing and platter.  I have also a beautiful looking Maple Birds Eye, 50 pound wood plinth with 30 pounds of bronze footers, a slate plinth designed and made by Italian analog buddy Stefano Bertencello of Two Good Ears in a Ferrari Red (heavy, 80ish pounds) a Steve Dobbins copper platter for the cream 301 posted here and a variety of ideas.

YUP, I’ll entertain trades!

After 4 years of shipping these 301’s around the world and investing more dollars than embarrassment allows me to share, I need a break.  Story ends with me purchasing a new Kuzma Stabi and a 14″ 4 Point and calling it a day.

Do not honestly know how to advertise this mess, so I’m encouraging a call from someone wanting some very cool 301’s and support parts. This has the makings  for a super project and opportunity.

The only way to figure this out is a phone call. HELP!

David -250.826.6872


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