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AUT 2000




Introducing the Allnic AUT-2000 step up. This is a wonderful little unit employing the same step ups as the mighty $39,900 H-8000 DHT and $15-17,000 H-7000 phono preamps! Featuring a custom nickel wound permalloy nickel transformer system, 4 levels of gain (22, 26, 28 and 32db) inside a solid 2kg CNC milled aluminum chassis. We recommend the use of this little step up with all but the loftiest phono stages. It works particularly well in conjunction with many of the popular solid state phono preamps in the $800-$7000 range

For an additional $1500, upgrade the transformers to silver wiring, the same as in the $39,900 H-8000 DHT!


Key Features

ALLNIC AUT 2000 Featuring 4 levels of gain, 22, 26, 28 and 32db by the rotation of a switch. Encased in a 5.5lb CNC milled aluminum chassis represents art form to equal the sonic benefits. These are the same transformers employed on our H-7000 and H-8000 DHT phono preamplifiers.

Product Support

AUT 2000 Manual – 21-07-2022

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