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Hammertone Audio is the Canadian Distributor of Allnic Electronics and the Global Distributor of ZL Technology

Allnic HA 3000 Nuvistor Head Amplifier

USD$4,950.00 USD$1,750.00



Recent trade of the fabled and rare Allnic HA3000 Nuvistor tube head amplifier.

Unique moving coil step utilizing Nuvistor 6CW4’s with it’s same chassis size outboard tubed power supply, the HA3000 offers an organic and involving presentation of moving coil cartridges with 0.3mV sensitivity / gain and higher.

If you’ve listened always MC’s into step up transformers, HA3000’s 30dB gain can provide just how good analog really is. Not a lot of Nuvistor head amps out there, Conrad Johnson built one back in the 80’s but the Allnic with it’s outboard power supply and varied levels of loading takes some moving coils ┬áto another level.

Owned this with Puritas, Titan, XV1s, the Supreme and Purple Heart.

Was $4950 new, try this on for $1750.

Questions: David 250.826.6872

WhatsApp International, Text OK for North America.

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