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Hammertone Audio is the Canadian Distributor of Allnic Electronics and the Global Distributor of ZL Technology

Allnic H 1201 Please read special free tube upgrade bulletin

USD$3,450.00 USD$2,150.00



Selling a Nov 2018 BLACK  chassis H1201, 120V/60hZ  a recent trade in excellent shape with balance of warranty (Customer moved to H1202) THIS UNIT NOW SOLD APRIL 5 BUT CONTACT HAMMERTONE FOR FRESH INCOMING TRADES, 2 incoming 1201’s late April.

If you visited recently, we had other preowned H1201’s, these have  sold. This is a fresh trade as of March 2019

No issues, near perfect chassis, tubes strong and unit noise free.

Contact Hammertone Audio for shipping details.

BULLETIN- We are doing a free Mullard E180CC  tube upgrade / replacement for H1201 owners. Applicable to US and Canadian H1201 owners only. You must initiate contact and send proof of ownership via picture of your H1201 serial number and image of the unit in your setup with permission to use the image. Limited offer, while supplies last.

This is a thank you to you loyal Allnic H1201 customers, March 11, 2019

David 250.826.6872

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