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Hammertone Audio distributes Allnic Audio Electronics and ZL Technology cables

AIRTIGHT PC-1 SUPREME moving coil cartridge

USD$5,200.00 USD$2,600.00



Hammertone Audio invested in this cartridge whilst in Germany for the Munich Audio Show in 2014.

Bought from the Airtight distributor as we were stuck for a cartridge to demonstrate analog in our room. 

It was a demo when purchased, and we have added maybe 75 hours in last 6 years. Allnic builds some pretty competitive cartridges , we have multiple Allnic MC’s setup for demonstration so the Supreme sat unused, hence low hours.

These Supremes were 10K back in 2014, with dealer accommodation, we paid half that and today, you can buy for half that again!

We have the wooden outer box but no paperwork.

No issues, sounds lovely.


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