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Hammertone Audio distributes Allnic Audio Electronics and ZL Technology cables

Allnic Today – Around the Globe!

We're pleased to announce that Hammertone Audio has resumed Allnic Audio distribution for North America! For support on all Allnic products, including warranty, call or WhatsApp David Beetles at 1-250-826-6872. And, as you've no doubt noticed, Allnic has been extremely…

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Integrated = unified, coherent, complete. April and May are a landmark for Allnic, with new reviews of four products being published, evaluating the L-8000 DHT, L-9000, and L-8500 line-stages and the A-2000 25th Anniversary stereo KT150 power amp. At this…

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How Much?? Miraculous!

…And the miracle is - the NEW H-5500 PHONO STAGE Allnic is analog through and through, from the beginning, gaining fame especially for its vinyl playback related products, and building over the years a line of constantly improving phono-stages virtually…

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What a year it’s been!!

Trials and tribulations - yes, but also some JUBILATION! The Christmas season, here at last, very close to the end of one of the strangest and in many ways most trying years in memory. We'll be happy to turn the…

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