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Hammertone Audio is pleased to represent Allnic Audio ZL Technology worldwide

This month, we wish to share two highly significant accomplishments for Allnic Audio. The first is a huge technical achievement by Mr. KS Park: a world’s first. And the second relates to the recent release of Allnic’s Zero Loss (ZL) Technology line of hot welded cables.

1. World’s first 61 step, constant impedance, “bridged” type attenuator

On the technical side, Mr. Park has completed development of the world’s first 61 step, constant impedance, “bridged” type attenuator. Allnic’s new attenuator is now the most sophisticated on the market, and we believe the absolute best sounding.

With fixed impedance and no (± 0db) channel imbalance at any volume level, the new attenuator will astound users with its elevation of the fidelity and purity of any system in which it finds a home. This revolutionary and currently unique, oil clutched, motorized attenuator will be standard equipment on the L-8000 DHT preamplifier and Allnic’s upcoming L-10000 OTL/OCL preamp and offered as a factory ordered additional cost option on the L-7000. We are examining in the field possibility for this upgrade to existing L-8000, L-7000 owners.I’d lived happily for over a year with the L-8000, which replaced my 5-year owned L-5000 DHT. Hearing of his 20-year manufacturing pursuit of this Constant Impedance Attenuator, scheduled for the oncoming L-10000 OTL/OCL preamp, I gently persuaded KS Park into making a hot-rodded L-8000 DHT sporting the CIA option – no, not an intelligence group but the Constant Impedance Attenuator.

Upon receipt, it wasn’t even one half of an all-time favourite album before the drool started forming at the corners of my mouth, my feet moving excitedly and, after another song, I was leaping up laughing and clapping. MAN, this is the real deal. Powerful, big, but delicate. The space between layers, the hang time of a note fading deeply into the stage, the swell from infinitely tiny to room engrossing size with dynamics that bowl you over; I am awestruck by the improvement with the addition of the CIA. KS Park, in our first communication after my listening to this, stated the L-8000 DHT with CIA is almost more beautiful than the real thing. I get it!

2. Hot-welding for Zero Loss

Allnic’s ZL cables, which also benefit from a world’s first, the use of Mu-metal braided shielding, as well as from a number of other significant innovations, received a “Blue Moon” award in April from, something rarely bestowed on cables by the esteemed on-line magazine. Mr. Srajan Ebaen tested an entire loom of ZL cables, which included ZL-3000 speaker cables, ZL-3000 power cords, the ZL digital AES/EBU and, of course, the MU-7R interconnects. His comprehensive and exacting review analyzed the overall, as well as the separate contributions of the signal and power cables. His assessment of the cables’ performance and recognition of the engineering quality and high production values that went into their creation are extremely gratifying.

Without exception, trials of these cables have been ecstatic. We have retailed the ZLs to a select few whilst building inventory. The reactions and feedback have been over the top… the one line most repeated by these audiophile “guinea pigs”: SEND MORE! These gents were of same mind, completely overhauling their systems with this new technology. The cabling products previously employed by these proud gentlemen were not inexpensive, but brands you’d recognize and probably lust for.

We sold one super long 11M meter pair of interconnects to a valued individual along with what became a loom. These cables took some effort to construct with the installation of the Mu shielding. Mr. Park reported that the man on the job nearly quit and absorbed almost 18 hours to complete. The end result in my customer’s system was disappearance of foreign noises and issues that plagued his system for years… He wrote with a Holy S#$@ comment. Time after time, the feedback is over the top. Personally, these are the best cables I have had the pleasure to try, and the very first time that I’ve connected my system with every power cord, interconnect and speaker cable from the same manufacturer…. These challenge with their logical manufacture, the very best cables on the planet.

Our confidence is sure, so sure, Hammertone Audio guarantees satisfaction.

We are proud of these components, very proud. The ZL Technology cabling, for their design, sonics, appearance and tremendous value produces a huge impact in every user’s system. We are appreciative of having Allnic’s ZL Technology extreme qualities recognized by Srajan; his review capabilities and opinions are respected worldwide. You can read the entire review at:


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