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Hobby Time and Allnic Update

Have been away chasing savings and funds for retirement. Back now to play with some audio and re-immerse myself in this wonderful hobby.

Allnic Audio has some interesting new products to speak about and will do so in the coming days. The H3000 phono stage has been replaced with H7000, and the fabulous L3000 and L5000 pre amplifiers are now the L7000 and L8000. Both in house under review and at first blush, extra-ordinary.

Mr Park has undergone health issues this year, but he reports he’s on the mend and back to work. He is creating the new DHT Phono Stage and a dual input Nuvistor Head Amp. He laughingly states his 11 hour per 5 day work week is much easier physically than his previous 80+ hour. The man’s talents are incredible; we welcome him back!

For immediate delivery, Allnic Audio created an upgrade for D5000 DAC. This consists of a new analog PCB board and fresh gain tubes. This upgrade extends tube life and enhances the already intense sonic properties of this exceptional DAC. The board swap is relatively easy if you have reasonable soldering skills. Matters not if you obtained D5000 on the preowned market. Your obligation is to return the board back to Hammertone Audio in Canada. Questions, please contact David Beetles at 250.862.9037 from 8.00AM to 6.00 PM Pacific Standard for immediate response.



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