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“POW! He’s knocked it outta the Park!” ;-) THE NEW ALLNIC L-6500 LINE-STAGE PREAMP


NOW IN PRODUCTION! Allnic’s long-awaited “baby” line-stage preamplifier

Allnic’s KS Park does it again. Replacing the highly successful L-1500 preamplifier that anchored  Allnic’s line-up for over 14 years, the robust all aluminum chassis (black or silver), transformer-coupled L-6500 line-stage pre-amp sports NOS tubes, remote control, and an appearance that matches the awesome H-5500 phono-stage. The gain tubes in the L-6500 differ from those in the L-1500. The L-6500 uses NOS 5842 tubes, supplied stock with the unit. They are equivalents to the Western Electric 417A, and there are other great brands and vintages of the 5842 type to roll.

The L-6500 features pure class A operation, an ultra-high speed automatic voltage regulation circuit utilizing vacuum tubes, and individual current meters for each channel. In addition, Allnic Audio uses its own, in-house designed, precision oil-clutched motorized attenuator, not a digital IC volume control or low‐ cost carbon film volume control with a motor; the L‐6500 has no (± 0db) channel imbalance at any volume level. Finally, with five (5) pairs of inputs (three balanced XLR and two unbalanced RCA) and three (3) pairs of outputs (one balanced XLR and two unbalanced RCA), the L-6500 provides great flexibility for multiple connections.

For a limited time only, we are supplying this unit at the fantastic price of $6900 including delivery to anywhere in North America. Considering the L-6500’s feature set and pedigree, if you’re in the market for an absolutely outstanding preamp around this price, and even well above, you may want to act soon.  Our dealers will have initial samples by the end of October and deliveries will commence November 15th.

Great Deals on Open Box, KT150-based Amps!

With the recent well-received introduction of the T2000 30th Anniversary KT170 integrated amplifier, we’re offering our remaining 100/WPC T2000 25th Anniversary KT150 integrated amplifiers for an exceptional price. We have two (2) open stock black chassis units available for $6900 USD as well as a pair of 100/WPC A2000 25th Anniversary KT150 stereo amplifiers (one silver and one black) also clearing for just $5900.

Black T-2000 and silver A-2000 available from Corby’s Audio in Ontario (photos of the actual units).

Check with Corby’s Audio in Ontario and Kevalin Audio in Oregon for these (see below for contact info), as well as for package deals with the new H-5500 phono-stage and/or the mighty ZL-5000 power cords













EXCELLENT NEWS for  H-8000, H-5000 and A-5000 DHT owners!

The scarcity of some treasured, rare NOS tubes has motivated Allnic to pursue new and exceptional means to support their flagship designs. We cannot find any NOS Telefunken RS242 or Marconi HL2 gain tubes at reasonable prices and recently have been relying on boutique tube manufacturers to produce these. So, Allnic’s KS Park spent an arduous but ultimately successful two years working to reproduce and manufacture the fabled Telefunken RS242 and Marconi HL2. These two tubes, KS claims, are some of the most difficult to reproduce, and we did have wild variations, short lives and noisy renditions of the tubes during the journey. There were a lot of lessons to be learned, and we’re ever grateful for the patience of our fantastic customers. However, KS is pleased to be able to say at the time of this writing that the now final versions of the tubes are very high quality – quiet, stable, and glorious sounding.  

Old is new again!

It was a difficult undertaking, but the experience has led to Allnic doing something few tube amp manufacturers do, let alone master. His next projects are to build some high-quality 3A/109B tubes to support the L-8000 DHT line-stage preamp and its L-5000 DHT predecessor – and then he’ll take a run at building an Allnic 300B power triode and 5U4G rectifier… KS Park simply does not cease to amaze us!


We’re seeking help marketing Allnic’s complete line of award-winning products and are looking for passionate Allnic owners with financial means, business acumen and the ability and desire to network with and mentor other audio enthusiasts. We require two individuals capable of marketing the highly coveted Allnic line-up of electronics, cables and cartridges in the North Eastern and Southern regions of the USA. For more information, please call David Beetles, North American Allnic distributor, at 1-250-826-6872


As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of us to discuss purchasing an Allnic L-6500 or any other Allnic product for the first time, or moving up the Allnic product line – please don’t forget that quality trades are always welcome!


Hammertone Audio (Allnic North American Distributor)  We do trades!

Kelowna, BC

Website link: Hammertone Audio

Email or call Dave Beetles:


Tel:+1 250.826.6872

Corby’s Audio

Freelton, Ontario

Website link: Corby’s Audio

Email or call Don Corby:


Tel: +1 905.689.1976

Toll free: 1.877.689.1976


Kevalin Audio

Corvallis, Oregon

Website link: Kevalin Audio

Email or call John Ketcham:


Tel: +1 503–292–5592

To arrange for purchase and free shipping of any Allnic product to parts of the world where there is no Allnic representation, please contact Hammertone Audio.


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