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Allnic Audio – Easy to use – Easy to choose!

Allnic Audio has become justifiably well-known for all its products, but analog has been a specialty from the beginning. There are specific principles behind the design of the Allnic phono-stages, and they all add up to thing: customer satisfaction. That outcome can only be obtained by providing a base level of outstanding design and build quality, quality that pairs with remarkable sound and creates a performance to price ratio that is unbeatable.

Of course, the production of fantastic sound quality is always feature number one, and all the Allnic phono-stages, from the new H-5500 to the flagship H-8000 DHT, provide that.


This is a result of the company’s fundamental principle that the Allnic phono-stages should share certain high-quality features, features that are key contributors to the audio magic each product provides. These shared features include:

  • high quality, genuine NOS tubes
  • the same in-house manufactured moving-coil step-up transformers (also found in the AUT-2000 SUT)
  • vacuum tube power supply regulation
  • substantial aluminum chassis that reduce vibration and provide excellent shielding
  • in-house manufactured Permalloy transformers

These common design features are the primary bases for the outstanding excellence and value of ALL Allnic phono-stages’ analog sound reproduction.


Two more governing principles for the Allnic phono-stages are flexibility and simplicity of use. In terms of flexibility, Allnic recognizes that vinyl fans may run more than one turntable or more than one arm on a table. Consequently, the Allnic phono-stages all provide multiple MM and MC inputs. This allows not only for the use of multiple arms and cartridges but also of outboard SUTs, or of the Allnic active head-amp, the HA-5000, should one so desire. The H-7000V and the H-8000 DHT also include variable equalization settings to accommodate the accurate playback of records from before the RIAA standard became ubiquitous.

H-8000 Phono-pre rear

And none of these options are difficult to manage, which brings us to the next key design principle, ease of use. Sometimes it seems that the reproduction of sound from vinyl records can be as complex as one wants, but Allnic believes flexibility should not be made more difficult than necessary. As a result, all the Allnic phono-stages are built to facilitate easy use of their flexible features:

  • inputs are easily switchable from the front panel
  • MC step-up transformer gain settings are clearly marked on the top of each transformer tower and changed via a conveniently sized and easily turned knob
  • the impedance selector on the H-7000 models is of the same type, on an easily accessible tower with clear markings and an easily rotated selector
  • the equalization settings on the H-7000V and H-8000 are also managed by straightforward turning of a couple of top-of-the chassis, easily accessible knobs

There are no DIP switches, no fiddling. Using the features of your phono-stage shouldn’t require you to be a rocket scientist, or have tentacles for arms or jeweller’s tools for fingernails!

Whichever Allnic phono-stage you choose, you know that it is a true sibling of the others in the lineup, and that you have purchased an analog device that is meant to provide flexibility and ease of use, perform at the top of or above its price class and, most important, make REAL MUSIC. Please read the recent review by Marc Phillips of the Allnic H-5500 phono-stage and Amber MC cartridge in Part-Time Audiophile

There are three ways to look at the excellence of this combo. First, it’s extremely affordable for the level of performance that you get. It’s just over $9000 for the pair, and with the $4000 Technics SL-1200G I was experiencing a complete analog rig that offered some truly great sound, period. I do have a lot of expensive analog gear in here at the moment, and I consider the Allnic Audio H-5500 and Amber to belong to the same tier of excellence as any of the lot.

Second, the Allnic Audio H-5500 and the Amber worked so well together, they became my first choice for the Technics. If you have an SL-1200G or an SL-1210GAE, this is my personal recommendation to you. What a rig. But there’s more to that, the idea that oh, if you have the H-5500 you need to use it with the Amber, or vice versa, as I’ve already mentioned. The H-5500 loved all the other cartridges I had around, and the Amber adored every phono stage…

Highly recommended, both of them. A pair of Reviewers Choice Awards, stat!

THIS is what we mean. Thank you, Mr. Phillips!

Read the entire review at: PTA H-5500 and Amber Review 05-09-2021

But why three awards??? Well, Allnic scored a hat trick! The H-5500 and Amber review mentioned an upcoming one of Allnic’s KT170 power tube-based T-2000 30th Anniversary integrated amplifier, too. We referred to this in our previous blog, and that review is now online, and Marc Phillips awarded the T-2000 30th Anniversary a Reviewers Choice award as well. A quote: 

In essence, the Allnic Audio T-2000 isn’t just a great-sounding integrated amplifier. It’s two great-sounding integrated amplifiers. Now that $13,900 is starting to sound like a bargain, at least to me…

I’ve heard only a handful of integrated amplifiers that I’ve reviewed that come anywhere close to the sonic performance of the Allnic Audio T-2000. They’re all in the same ballpark pricewise. It’s a mix of valves and resistors among these champions, to be sure, but none of them sound like solid-state nor tubes. They’re merely so close to that ultimate truth, and so linear in response, and so meticulous about the frequency extremes, that they just exist in harmony with your favorite music. I know I had everything I needed with each of these amplifiers in the chain.

That is truly gratifying. Suffice it for us to say that the design principles and the same performance to price value that Allnic obtains with its phono-stages also apply to its other products. The entire review is here: PTA – T-2000 30th Anniversary integrated review 19-09-2021

As we said at the beginning, the choice is easy – ALLNIC!

And we make getting into an Allnic component easy, too, by accepting high-quality trade-ins. That’s great for those wanting to purchase a new piece and for those who are looking for a like-new, previously owned unit. Here’s a perfect example of this great synergy: just in and available now is a one owner L-7000 line-stage preamp. It’s a conservative 9 out of 10 in condition, silver, and has the Constant Impedance Attenuator found on all the top Allnic models. The owner traded it in to move up to the flagship L-10000. This unit ships from Oregon and is $9500, which includes freight to anywhere in North America.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of us to discuss possibilities for getting true audio satisfaction by purchasing an Allnic for the first time, or moving up the Allnic product line – and don’t forget that quality trades are welcome!


Hammertone Audio (Allnic North American Distributor)  We do trades!

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To arrange for purchase and free shipping of any Allnic product to parts of the world where there is no Allnic representation, please contact Hammertone Audio.


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