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You CAN get what you want! NO compromise.

We, like many other music lovers world-over, were saddened to hear of the passing of the great Charlie Watts, at 80. Best known as drummer for the Rolling Stones, he was a consummate musician, one able to span two musical genres successfully, being not only a crucial member of one of the world’s greatest rock bands, but also a giant in the performance and promotion of jazz, which we understand was his first love. He was a model of passion, hard work, excellence and humility… and he helped many to get what they want – music to rouse and also soothe the soul.

In our own small way, that’s also what we strive to do. Dedication to excellence and passion for music and customer satisfaction permeate the Allnic world, without compromise. It starts at the top with KS Park, Allnic’s founder, recently described by Soundstage! Ultra as a model of “humble excellence”. Soundstage Ultra interview with KS Park.  Every time we receive feedback from customers, we deeply appreciate it, whatever its nature. Of course it makes us feel great to hear people expressing how the Allnic product they have purchased has enhanced their love of music and enriched their life, but if in the unlikely event there’s a problem, we do our utmost to support our client and make it happen. To us, this just seems the natural way to do business.

And the reviews keep indicating that Allnic is “done right”. While we’re still waiting for the coming reviews of the new T-2000 30th Anniversary KT170 integrated amp,

the absolutely stellar value H-5500 phono-stage (about which more below), and the Allnic Rose and Amber cartridgesby Audiophilia, Part-Time Audiophile and Soundstage, we have to admit we need to “play catch-up” and report on the Part-Time Audiophile review of the Allnic A-2000 25th Anniversary stereo power amp. Reviewer Grover Neville gave the amp thorough comparative examination and listening – and a Reviewer’s Choice award.

Here are the two final paragraphs of his pta, July 16, 2021 review:


It’s rare for me to review a product like this which is just so thoroughly sorted, and at what I find to be a very fair price. It’s a little more money than my Manley Snappers, but has a much more modern sound than those amps, which offer very pleasing punchy dynamics, density and depth, but aren’t quite as effortlessly linear or precisely timed. While I admit to liking the kind of gutsy, slightly old-school slightly modern sound of the Snappers, the thoroughly modern Allnic A-2000 25th was an absolute thoroughbred, and I’m sure will delight lovers of transparent and revealing top end.

For the $9,900 USD asking price I can’t really think of much that’s in competition with this amp. It does something distinctly different from Octave—a little livelier and with more bass weight—and distinctly different from, say, Airtight, which goes even further into old school territory than my Snappers. If you’re in the market for an amp that does what the modern 100W per channel solid-state stereo amplifier purported to do; power anything big or small, do so quietly and with great character and flat frequency response, I’m here to tell you that you can do one better, and even get those magical glowing vacuum-sealed bottles while you’re at it.

If you have an opportunity to lay ears on this amp—don’t miss it.

We’ll definitely take his word for it. :-) Read the full review here:  pta – Allnic A-2000 25th Anniversary review 16-07-2021

By the way, while we wait for the review, the H-5500 phono preamp is included in Part-Time Audiophile’s Best phono Preamplifiers Buyer’s Guide Summer 2021. Here’s what they have to say:

One of the finest examples of a tube phono stage that can create analog magic, even in an all solid-state system, the Allnic Audio H5500 has an extraordinarily musical demeanor that’s about purity first and foremost. Beautifully made in Korea, the H5500 is the replacement for the highly popular and well-respected H1202, but it still uses those wonderful Permalloy transformers. It’s also versatile, providing the user with two MM and two MC inputs. Lush, romantic and sexy.

pta – Best Phono Preamps summer 2021

It’s always great to have the professional reviewers recognize Allnic products for their all-round excellence and value, but as you know, we also truly appreciate feedback from customers. Just the other day, we received the following from one valued customer. It’s brief but very much to the point, and we are so glad he volunteered to share photos of his amazing system! His email contained his comments on receipt of the L-10000 OTL/OCL line-stage preamp, replacing his Allnic L-7000:

…my take on L10 right out the box it kills the L7. That’s saying a lot when I considered the L7 the last preamp for me as it blew away most others such as ARC, Pass Labs, CAT, Cary, VAC I’ve had in system looking for audio nirvana. With the L10 I have finally arrived!!

Thank you Dave…..Hope you like the pics….cabinet my design & build.

WOW. This must sound incredible, and what an obvious labour of love – the cabinet is gorgeous. Thank you, sir – and you’re not alone. Allnic does this to us – you can get what you want!

Speaking of what you might want, as a recent example we have in on a trade a perfect, 11 inch Kuzma 4Point tonearm, complete as new, $5600. Call or text David at +1 250.826.6872 or email to inquire.

As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of us to discuss possibilities for getting true audio satisfaction by purchasing an Allnic for the first time, or moving up the Allnic product line – and don’t forget that quality trades are welcome!


Hammertone Audio (Allnic North American Distributor)  We do trades!

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To arrange for purchase and free shipping of any Allnic product to parts of the world where there is no Allnic representation, please contact Hammertone Audio.



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