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Music Matters – All year round, hot and cold, now and forever!

How things have changed – at last! We’re more able to move around freely, visit friends and family, and enjoy all life’s good things after a tough year and a half. I know music and our audio hobby helped carry me and my family through those days, and this has made me reflect again on music’s power to sweep us away, open us up, and help us to feel the world, and each other, with more joy and compassion regardless of circumstances. While providing an immediate refuge from our troubles, music makes us both more resilient and more aware, supporting us and helping us support others at the same time.

That’s maybe enough philosophizing for months! But we know how important support is for our customers, and we strive to provide it every day – through offering what we are sure are the absolute best values in high-end audio with Allnic’s products AND doing what it takes to make the purchasing experience a great one – including fixing things without fuss if it’s not.


On the Allnic news front, we’re looking forward to a review from Part-Time Audiophile of the A-2000 25th Anniversary stereo power amplifier. That should appear in mid-July, and it will be interesting to read their assessment of this power amp sibling to the T-2000 integrated, both using parallel push-pull pairs of KT150s to produce 100 watts/channel in pentode and 50 in triode.

And – stay tuned – there’ll be more great Allnic product news soon!

In the meantime, as always, we look forward to serving and supporting you; so please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Hammertone Audio, Allnic’s North American distributor, or at Corby’s Audio in Ontario and Kevalin Audio in Oregon. Enjoy your music!


Hammertone Audio (Allnic North American Distributor)  We do trades!

Kelowna, BC

Website link: Hammertone Audio

Email or call Dave Beetles:


Tel:+1 250.826.6872


Corby’s Audio

Freelton, Ontario

Website link: Corby’s Audio

Email or call Don Corby:


Tel: +1 905.689.1976

Toll free: 1.877.689.1976



Kevalin Audio

Corvallis, Oregon

Website link: Kevalin Audio

Email or call John Ketcham:


Tel: +1 503–292–5592

To arrange for purchase and free shipping of any Allnic product to parts of the world where there is no Allnic representation, please contact Hammertone Audio.



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