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Allnic Today – Around the Globe!

We’re pleased to announce that Hammertone Audio has resumed Allnic Audio distribution for North America!

For support on all Allnic products, including warranty, call or WhatsApp David Beetles at 1-250-826-6872.

And, as you’ve no doubt noticed, Allnic has been extremely busy these days, with research, new product development and launches, upgrades to existing products, ongoing reviews, and, and, and… all while Allnic’s global market share has been growing. Larger production space and more people have been part of the effort to facilitate and accommodate all this.

Continued growth and success – well-deserved, based as it is on the “humble excellence” of KS Park’s design efforts, dedication to quality and value, and leadership – is the name of the Allnic tune today.

For those who might have missed it in the last blog, you can read much more about Allnic and its founder and lead designer, Kang Su Park, in Soundstage! Ultra‘s interview, published last month:

Soundstage! Ultra Interview with Allnic’s KS Park

Those of us who have had the pleasure of knowing and doing business with KS Park for many years could not agree more!

The core team!                                                                                              (Courtesy of Soundstage! Ultra)

And, thinking about specific equipment for a moment, I’d like to mention, and we are hardly surprised, that we’re getting highly enthusiastic customer feedback on the Allnic M-2500 monoblocks. These push-pull amps are available (on customer order) with PX25 (20 watts/channel), 300B (30 watts/channel), or KT150 (100 watts/channel).

Unlike most Allnic amps, the M-2500s are tube rectified. Purchasers are reporting enjoying rolling brands and vintages of the direct-heated 5U4GB rectifier (the M-2500 can only use direct-heated rectifier tubes), the PX25 and 300B power tubes, and the different small pentode and triode tubes in the first two stages of amplification. Of course, the M-2500s sound great with any combination, but this tube rolling capability really gives the user the ability to tailor the amps to match the other system elements to create the user’s “perfect” sound.

Take a look at the reviews linked to the product pages or the “Reviews” page on this site for more useful info on many of Allnic’s outstanding products.


Not here yet but coming are two new reviews, in Part-time Audiophile and Soundstage! Ultra, of the recently announced T-2000 30th Anniversary, 120 watts/channel, parallel push-pull, KT170 based integrated amplifier.

Sharing Allnic’s exclusive Constant Impedance Attenuator as used on all Allnic’s current line-up of preamps, we’re confident this beauty will be another winner.

Allnic is seeking two (2) new US retailers. If you have any interest, please contact me, David Beetles, at Hammertone Audio (North America’s exclusive Allnic distributor): text 1-250-826-6872 or email to: to arrange a personal discussion.

Summer is here and the world is re-opening, at last! Till next, be well, stay cool, and enjoy your music!

As always, please contact any of us to chat about Allnic products, or stereo in general:


Hammertone Audio (Allnic North American Distributor)  We do trades!

Kelowna, BC

Website link: Hammertone Audio

Email or call Dave Beetles:


Tel:+1 250.826.6872


Corby’s Audio

Freelton, Ontario

Website link: Corby’s Audio

Email or call Don Corby:


Tel: +1 905.689.1976

Toll free: 1.877.689.1976



Kevalin Audio

Portland, Oregon

Website link: Kevalin Audio

Email or call John Ketcham:


Tel: +1 503–292–5592

To arrange for purchase and free shipping of any Allnic product to parts of the world where there is no Allnic representation, please contact Hammertone Audio.



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