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Integrated = unified, coherent, complete.

April and May are a landmark for Allnic, with new reviews of four products being published, evaluating the L-8000 DHT, L-9000, and L-8500 line-stages and the A-2000 25th Anniversary stereo KT150 power amp. At this writing, one of those reviews, hands-down enthusiastic, to say the least (part-time audiophile bestowed the L-8000 DHT with a Reviewers Choice Award), has already appeared. Reviews of the L-8500 and A-2000 25th Anniversary will be out before the end of April, and of the L-9000 in early May.  And, of course, there’s also the continuing high level of interest in recent and brand new products like the M-2500 monoblocks and H-5500 phono-stage.






The focus of all this attention, though, has been mainly on separate amplification components, preamps and power amps. Even we haven’t said much about Allnic’s integrated amplifiers… So, understanding that many have, or plan to have, living spaces that can’t accommodate too many large and heavy chassis, or just want to simplify their systems or set up another, smaller one, we figured it was time to revisit Allnic’s “1 + 1s”.

Allnic’s line of integrated amps includes the T-1500 MK2,


the T-1800 MK2,

and the T-2000 25th Anniversary.

Because of the power tubes used and the range of output power, these marvelous, and marvellously reviewed, units are truly “three sizes fit all”; and all blend superbly clean, quiet, refined and resolving power with Allnic’s preamps’ signature low noise, outstanding tonal beauty and champion sound-staging. All three offer tube-rolling, and if the need is there – or just to hear the difference – all three can be used as power amplifiers with an external Allnic preamp!

The T-1500 MK2 is the improved version of Allnic’s 300B SET (Single-Ended Triode) integrated, offering 10 watts per channel in a chassis that’s a beautiful example of industrial design, blending aesthetics, functionality and ergonomics in a very small, though not necessarily light ;-) package.


Using 6SL7 and 6SN7 tubes as the first and second driving stages respectively allows users great tube rolling flexibility, in addition to what comes naturally with the 300Bs, letting the user work with the characteristics of the rest of their system. While there are no English language reviews yet of the T-1500 MK2, here’s what you need to know about the reception to the original version of this exceedingly popular design:;;;;

If you need more power in a small chassis – but not necessarily an amp that will drive absolutely anything – there’s the EL34 based T-1800 MK2. This 40 watt/channel understated beauty is an outstanding example of the beloved EL34 breed, at one time out of production and brought back by clamorous demand. Like the T-1500 MK2, the T-1800 MK2 is all drive, delicacy, looks, and flexibility.
Again, there’s no review yet of the MK2, but this will give you a flavour of the original: the late, great, and greatly missed Art Dudley declared, “It pressed every one of my EL34-loving buttons and never let up. – gs6RQBYQdwe583zi.97; and if you can translate: – .YICG7C1b01K; and

The T-1500 MK2, the T-1800 MK2 offers tube-rolling with the EL34 power tubes and the E180CC and 12AY7 driver tubes.

Last, and definitely not least, Allnic offers the amazing T-2000 25th Anniversary. With 100 watts/channel in pentode and 50 watts/channel in “switch-on-the fly” triode mode, this magnificent KT-150 based one-boxer will drive virtually any speaker. While bigger and heavier than the T-1500 and T-1800, the T-2000 25th Anniversary is still a space (and wire) saver compared to, say, the combination of an L-7000 preamp and an A-2000 stereo power amp (also 100/channel). And feel free to try-out different brands of 6AK6 tubes. We don’t have a review in English of the T-2000 25th Anniversary, but these reviews of the original T-2000 should be informative!;; There is discussion ongoing in-house about replacing the T-2000 25th Anniversary with a 30th Anniversary edition using the new KT170 tubes. In fact, the prototype of the latter has been built. However, it’s a very, very big and heavy boy to get full power out of the KT170s – so no decision yet! In the meantime, the T-2000 25th Anniversary will accommodate the KT170, though at 100 watts/channel, as with the KT150s. Allnic’s KS Park has indicated that he likes the KT170 sound a lot, even in the T-2000 25th Anniversary… So, we just have to wait and see… (some useful discussion about all this online, with more great feedback on the superb quality and value of the T-2000 25th Anniversary, here:

For more concise information about these superb products, explore their respective pages on this site – and please consider the T-1500 MK2, T-1800 MK2, and T-2000 25th Anniversary as your best options if you’re looking for an integrated amplifier.

Looking for an integrated amp and a phono preamp? The new H-5500 phono-stage and any of Allnic’s integrated amps will make an awesome pairing – combo pricing available. Contact any of these dealers to inquire – always happy to answer questions and chat!









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