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A New Year at last! And Lots of Allnic News!!


2020 is GONE!! It’s history (and just a little historic…), at last. Whew… that was a long one. Still, despite fresh-faced baby 2021 bouncing through the door on January 1, the effects of 2020 are no doubt going to remain with us for a long time.

As with many, here in Allnic and Hammertone Audio-land, we’re ringing in 2021 with a news flash covering some new products, some old products, new reviews to look out for, and price changes.


We’re sure the last point on that list will have caught your attention, so let’s talk about it right now. Unfortunately, and thanks to the effects of 2020 in many ways, prices on all Allnic products will increase as of February 1.

New prices will be appearing on the website around the end of this month, and changes won’t be a uniform percentage across the product range, each item affected by the specific costs of manufacture and delivery relevant to it. The key take away is that current prices will apply to products ordered prior to the first of February. If you’ve been thinking about getting into one of Allnic’s current products, NOW is truly a most opportune time!


On the plus side of what happened during 2020, Allnic’s R&D is delivering a bundle of new audio gear treasures. These products are both significant upgrades of existing devices and brand new units, taking new approaches to aspects of analog music reproduction, incorporating new technologies – both Allnic’s and other – and establishing a presence in price categories where Allnic has not had one for some time.

An example of the first category above is the AUT-8000 STEP-UP TRANSFORMER. This beauty, a stand-alone SUT like the AUT-2000, is a total redesign and includes transformers wound with silver wire! The AUT-8000 is a response to requests from the high-end community, and will be one of the very few, and we think one of the very, if not the very best of those.

Of the second category, there is, for example, the T-2000 30TH ANNIVERSARY INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER. The extremely popular KT-150 based T-2000 25th Anniversary will now have an upgraded partner product for the company’s 30th birthday. The T-2000 30th Anniversary will take full advantage of the new KT170 power tube and incorporate Allnic’s world’s first constant impedance attenuator, featured on all Allnic’s top-end preamps, from the L-7000 up, including the L-10000 and L-8000DHT. This spectacular integrated brings much of the top of the line Allnic separates together and will drive ANY speaker with unshakeable grip and outstanding clarity, balance and delicacy – from top to bottom.


Also, the VERY popular H-1202 phono-preamp is being discontinued and replaced by the new design H-5500 PHONO-PREAMP.
The H-5500 will feature dual MM and MC inputs, a new power transformer, and a  chassis similar in design to its larger siblings- and as with the H-1202, the same MC step-up transformers as Allnic’s H-7000 and the flagship H-8000!
Currently, the H-5500 is being readied for production (originally, the H-5500 was going to be called the H-1205 outside Asia). More p
hotos and details coming soon! This is also the last chance for a great buy on the H-1202 – call/email/text any of the three great dealers listed below to discuss!!


Finally, Allnic is introducing replacements for its smallest siblings, the H-1500 phono preamp and the L-1500 preamp, both discontinued some time ago: the H-6500 PHONO-PREAMP and the L-6500 LINESTAGE-PREAMP. You’ll be able to find out more about them here on the Hammertone website soon. As with the H-1202, there are a few H-1500s left – so, this is also the last chance for a great buy on the H-1500 – again, call/email/text any of the three great dealers listed below soon!!

AND… anyone for 211 or 845 power tubes? GREAT NEWS for fans of those two beautiful triodes – the new A-2500 MONOBLOCK POWER AMPS are now in production. Details will appear on this site soon, and they will be in North America shortly!!

As for “new to you”…


As you may or may not know, we at Hammertone encourage quality trade-ins for great deals on new products. This blog begins a new section to highlight truly choice pieces that have come our way. In this first installment, we’re pleased to present a spectacular THORENS TD124 MK2!

Loaded, turnkey, and amazing, this gorgeous, ICONIC turntable features:

  • DAS Acoustics (Hungary) plinth
  • Swissonor (Switzerland) sub-platter
  • Retrotone (UK) outer platter
  • Woodsong (USA) panzerholz 12″ arm mounting system
  • Audio Creative (Netherlands) Groovemaster II 12” tonearm. NOTE: Cartridge is NOT included.
  • IsoAcoustics (Canada) Gaia vibration control footers

$10,500 USD













If you’re looking for a great Allnic phono-preamp with a fantastic performance to price ratio to match this table, or any other, we also have a one owner, excellent condition, black H-1201 phono-preamp available – $1950 USD. Give David at Hammertone a call/email/text to inquire.

Need a cartridge? Just contact any of the dealers listed below to discuss a brand new, rave-reviewed Allnic Rose and Amber moving coils!


For more excellent values in pre-owned products, please check-in regularly to the trade-in page on this website.

 New Reviews

Soundstage!   Howard Kneller’s L-9000 OTL/OCL Line-stage Preamp Review – Coming soon!


Allnic & Coherent Loudspeakers JBL Speaker Project

Given Coherent’s Frank Fazallari’s workload, the holidays, and Covid, this is, unfortunately only a quick pics update – and if you think this is just a teaser for you… we can hardly bear the waiting!! True craftsmanship!



And that’s it for now – a lot, we know – but, for the most part, great news for 2021 (despite 2020) – the Allnic Universe of audio wonders keeps expanding, and truly great music reproduction from the Allnic stars continues to amaze and charm! As always, please CALL, TEXT or EMAIL any of us with inquiries of ANY kind.


Hammertone Audio  We do trades!

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