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What a year it’s been!!

Trials and tribulations – yes, but also some JUBILATION!

The Christmas season, here at last, very close to the end of one of the strangest and in many ways most trying years in memory. We’ll be happy to turn the corner into 2021, but as we said in our last post, it’s time to be counting our blessings and focusing on the most joyful season – and spending time with those closest to us. We hope that is possible for you in these hard times!

Audio trials ;-) In the last post we talked about the JBL rebuild/rejuvenate/improve project we’re doing with Frank Fazallari of Coherent Loudspeakers – no update on that right now – busy times! Yes, it is painful, but we can wait – we KNOW the new speakers are going to be truly AWESOME

However, one definite cause for celebration for us, and for lovers of great music at home, is that we’re as proud as can be to announce that Audiophilia has named not one but Two Allnic gems “Products of the Year”: the Amber MC cartridge, introduced just this year, and the L-8000 DHT linestage preamp.

Here’s a link to Audiophilia’s Product of the Year page:

Audiophilia 2020 Products of the Year

and to the Audiophilia review of each:

Audiophilia Allnic Amber MC Cartridge Review

With its design based on the vinyl cutting head itself, and incorporation of breakthrough cantilever suspension material and resonance defeating coating, the Amber takes the listener closer than ever to the master used to press the record, with unbelievable detail and miraculous dynamics and flow.


Audiophilia Allnic L-8000 DHT Linestage Preamp Review

There is nothing like the magical purity of only direct heated triodes in the signal path.


The Amber and the L-8000 are gifts to the world of at-home music lovers, and are music makers of the absolute highest calibre. Besides reviewers, client purchasers have had nothing but overwhelming praise for these tours de force Allnic designs.

BUT that’s on par for all the gear designed by Allnic’s master Kang Su Park, and holding true with all the new products released late last and this year, as the reviews bear out (just check out the review tabs on the product pages on this website): Amber’s amazing value to performance sister, the Rose MC cartridge; the phenomenal L-10000, L-9000 and L-8500 OTCL/OCL linestage preamps; the wonderfully flexible M-2500 monoblocks; and the silver/copper miracle, the ZL-8000S speaker cables!














Does Santa have an Allnic for you? Call or email to find out:

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Whether or not you’re contemplating an Allnic soon, we wish you joy for this year’s holiday season, whatever your faith or tradition, and however you celebrate.



Stay safe and well – and enjoy your music!

All the best from Hammertone Audio


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