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Harvest Moon!

Autumn! Time to get ready for winter… and what better way than to curl up in a cozy place, illuminated by the soft glow of the setting sun, or the harvest moon, and listen to great music.

(Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, October 2020)

And the closer the music is to the live event, the better. Allnic can make that magical “translocation” happen – and more and more reviewers and customers are attesting to it, falling in love with one or another of KS Park’s marvellous designs, one after another. Allnic’s list of secret and very public admirers continues to grow, with Allnic reaping one glowing review after another :-)

The first new example, from mid-summer, is a terrific review of the Allnic ZL-5000 power cord by Alan Sircom of hi>fi+

The ZL-5000 maintain a very deft touch on the music, with a strong accent on detail resolution, but not at the expense of warmth or musicality. What I found particularly attractive was the way it could help unmask subtle microdynamic cues in the musical performance, ones that usually lurk at or just below the sonic waterline… 

It’s hard not to be impressed by their innate sense of rightness, making the sound of a good system really come to life, but without over-exaggerating anything.

Read the full review here: Hi>Fi+ Allnic ZL-5000 Review – July 2020


Following swiftly came Audiophilia, granting of an Audiophilia Star Component award to the Allnic Rose cartridge!

Karl Sigman wrote compellingly about the Rose’s brilliant and moving performance:

American poet Gertrude Stein famously introduced the phrase `A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose’ and variations thereof. I can’t claim to fully understand her intent/meaning, but I can say about the Allnic Audio Rose MC Cartridge: If a rose symbolizes love and romance, beauty and pleasure as embodied in the Olympian goddess Aphrodite, then they chose a most appropriate name. It is a beautiful looking cartridge, easy to install, and its presentation of bass together with the large soundstage it casts, regardless of genre of the music, are remarkable for a price of $2900. Highly recommended.

We second that emotion! You can enjoy the full text of the review here:

Audiophilia Allnic Rose Review August 2020


Then, in September, Enjoy the Musicgraced the Allnic H-7000 Phonostage with its prestigious “Best of” Blue Note award for 2020!

Enjoy the Music Allnic H-7000 Review

The Allnic H-7000 is a very special audio component, one that was able to bring me closer to the recordings I played through it. It would somehow be able to dig into a phono cartridge’s signal like no other phono preamp I have heard in recent memory, and be able to pass on this signal with the least amount of change to that signal, yet when amplifying that signal would be able to render the most life-like sound I ever heard from the rest of my system.

We think so, too!!

And Allnic owners?

Here’s one to awesome US Allnic retailer John Ketcham (Kevalin Audio, from Paul Hovenga of Many Moons Audio, using Joseph Audio Pearl 3 – speakers with a 6.5m run of ZL-5000 speaker cables and a 1m  set of ZL-8000S jumpers… Mr. Hovenga’s impression of the effect the ZL-8000S jumpers alone had on his system:
Zero warmth missing and so much more!  You have destroyed me with this mere 3′ of cable, John.  Holy Smokes! Holy Shit!  Like a light switch; I’m kind of shocked at what I’m hearing.  Sound stage:  More open; lower noise floor, more obvious layering, getting more texture from the instruments.  They sound even more close, intimate.  No HiFi.  Jeez dude!
John replied that this was only the beginning, and he got back:
Shut up!

and at 200 hours of use:

I’m Freaking!
We know the feeling! :-)
And another in the midst of this pandemic, from a customer in the San Francisco Bay Area, with regard to the new Allnic M-2500 push-pull monoblocks, with the option of 300B, PX25 or KT150 power tubes:
The opportunities to listen have been my saving grace.  I have really enjoyed the Allnic M-2500s.  They are phenomenal amps – plain and simple.  I know this is only one model of many and it is hard to truly get the “flavor” of a brand based on one device, but I feel have gotten to understand and appreciate the mechanics and philosophy that Mr. Park subscribes to and imparts on his Allnic creations.  I have had a ton of time to throw a lot at these amps.  I played with many power configurations, as well as several different sources – both digital and analog.  One thing is for certain, I could listen to these amplifiers for days on end without a lick of fatigue setting in!  That is an impressive feat.  They are also incredibly easy to operate/maintain.  The bias feature was a blessing! One thing I complained about early on was how much work it is to maintain the tube bias on my Canary monos.  The other major feature I found myself admiring was the number of tubes.   This is a plus from both a time commitment perspective as well as a cost burden.
I took the opportunity to compare the Allnics to my Canarys.  THANK YOU very much for providing such an amazing opportunity.  It really is the ONLY way to know how a component will sound in any given system.  Aside from playing lots of music of different media types, I also took liberty in changing up the power chain a bit.  I played both amp sets with the PS Audio P20, a Shunyata Research Denali 2000/T, and straight into the wall.  It lost count of the amount of hours on the amp, but I would estimate close to 300 hours.  It was a blast!  
That about says it all!
If you’re ready to “fall” in love with your music system again, just contact any of these full-product-line Allnic dealers!

Corby’s Audio (Canada)


Kevalin Audio (USA)


Soul to Sole Audio (New Zealand)


Hammertone Audio (Canada)


Enjoy these harvest moon days, safe and well. Here’s to your MUSIC, Vivaldi, Neil Young, and everything else, from Allnic and Hammertone Audio!!!

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