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Pandemic imposed self-isolation has certainly created a greater than normal need for in-home entertainment and amusement. Since the start of “stay safe, stay home”, we’ve been listening to lots of music, including quite a few essentially long forgotten recordings, recordings that just never seemed up to par. Surprisingly, what’s happened is that we have found ourselves really appreciating the sound quality of many of these once abandoned recordings. With that has come the realization that it wasn’t always so much the recordings as the electronics. Our new-found delight in these rediscoveries has been in large measure due to Allnic striving to create the world’s finest audio playback equipment. These “lost recordings” had never sounded anywhere near as good with other gear!

Owning and discovering Allnic electronics and cabling is akin to being a kid with an open box of chocolates: one piece is never enough. And as our appetite grows for better sound and presentation, to the delight of our long-term loyal customers and newbies, KS Park continues to discover better ways to satisfy our ever consuming addiction. There are no half-hearted designs in the Allnic line up. Each and every piece consistently ranks near or at the top worldwide. For example, Allnic’s stable of four phono stages, priced from $3750 to $39000, have no peer.

2020 marks Hammertone Audio’s 13th year with KS Park and Allnic Audio.

During this association, Allnic has developed some of the most innovative, sonically finest, most reliable and best-looking electronics known to man. Resale of his products is strong with rapid turnover. Allnic builds their own attenuators, tube sockets, permalloy transformers, moving coil cartridges, constant impedance speaker networks, ultra-low resistance heat-welded cabling systems, digital tube analog output DACs, direct heated triode circuitry, transformer coupled designs and now a line of OTL / OCL preamplifiers, all in house.

No one man knows tubes better than Kang Su Park, and as an example of his ability, he has set up a facility to manufacture a number of tube types to replace the NOS versions currently employed in our Halo products. Reliability and endurance of his products are legendary. In 30 or 40 years, the legacy of his contribution to electronic playback design will be spoken of reverently. Please, if you have read this far, do not miss, at least, an audition of an Allnic piece. We promise system synergy and improvement.

In recent months, Allnic Audio and Hammertone have been striving for a new high performance moving coil cartridge based on the mechanics of the highly successful Puritas cartridge. Puritas owners are aware the incredible detail and dramatic dynamics this cart possesses. But, with its very low compliance, big mass tone arms were mandatory for successful pairing.

Now, we are glad to announce the new AMBER boron cantilevered, moving coil cartridge with higher compliance, 9 ohm internal impedance and .34mV output, offering greater customer satisfaction with medium and high mass tonearms. Early trials by a lucky select few report excellent bass and tracking, with Allnic’s trademark sense of realism in holography, sound stage and transient attack, and low, low, low record groove noise.

Others report this is the new go to, best buy, moving coil cartridge, replacing previous favourites at double and triple the asking price. Unfortunately, though, if the record sucks, so will the ensuing playback!

Amber is now available. Retail pricing is $4500 USD; trades are welcome and customer loyalty deals are available: call Hammertone Audio for details.

NEW!   Treat yourself. Watch Part 1 of a great, 3 part interview on YouTube with the analog master himself, Allnic’s KS Park. Detailed info about all things phono cartridge, from cutting a lacquer to the new Amber, from the man who really knows – and builds them himself.   Interview with KS Park – Part 1













The OTLs are coming!

For the past 2 years, you probably have heard some rumblings about the Allnic L-10000 OTL / OCL line stage. This is an expensive preamplifier by any standard but is gaining traction as one of the finest, if not the best, available at any price. Recognizing the challenging pricing of the L-10000, KS Park has designed 2 new OTL /OCL preamplifiers, the L-8500 retailing at $14000, and the L-9000 at $18500. Both feature the incredible CIA system (constant impedance 61 step motorized attenuator), NOS tubes and the jaw dropping eye candy Aircraft Aluminum chassis with the open topography Allnic is famous for. Reactions to initial trials of the L-9000 are over the moon. In stock now.

Allnic L-10000 ImageHifi Review, from the German

6moons L-10000 review




Allnic ZL cables continue to gain “ Insider Praise.”

Audiophiles worldwide are discovering just how good the Allnic cable line is. The world’s greatest power cord, the ALLNIC  ZL-5000, is making believers daily. Comments are constantly coming back to us about how good users’ gear becomes with these high current, quiet power transfer cables, creating black backgrounds, prodigious extended low bass, and enhanced sound stage.
We’ve been told the ZL-8000 SILVER speaker cable is coming soon and have been after samples since January – but over 300 pairs were back-ordered in Korea. The employee in charge of the cable division can only produce 2 or 3 pairs of ZL-8000 daily on top of his normal cable order fulfillment. For those interested in pre-ordering, please contact us.

Audiophilia ZL-5000 review





Meet the new M-2500 Mono-blocks!

The M-2500, Allnic’s newest power amplifier, is a tube rectified, push-pull, 52 pound mono block offered in 3 power tube configurations, and is already garnering enthusiastic attention: 100 WPC KT150 ($14500); 30 WPC 300B ($14900); and 20 WPC PX25 ($15500) .These are to be considered when seeking the finest. Power amps usually seem to have the least impact on a system, but these guys really offer key improvements, especially in terms of improved transparency. In addition, the amps exhibit no noise on the most efficient of speaker systems featuring slam and finesse with outstanding bass. An amplifier system not to be ignored!

Audiophilia M-2500 Review





Last offering of the L-1500 transformer coupled line-stage!

After a spectacular 14 year run, the L-1500 is being retired. Upon notice of this, Hammertone Audio made a special deal with Allnic, buying all the remaining chassis and having them equipped with the L-7000 high performance permalloy transformers – turning the very good sounding L-1500 into a 30lb wolf in lamb’s clothing. This was great value at $7500, but we’ve reduced this limited edition L-1500  to $4700 DELIVERED! On top of the L-7000 permalloy nickel output transformers, it features balanced and single ended in/outputs, 41 step motorized remote attenuation, metered NOS tubes, and a very low output impedance, ensuring marriage with your favourite amplifier. Of the 20 of this HOT-RODDED version we had built, ONLY 3 are left!  Remember, when they’re gone…





On behalf of our dealer group, stay safe and invest wisely, with wishes of the best for our collective futures.

David Beetles
Hammertone Audio

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