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Corby’s Audio
ROOM 351
October 18th through the 20th

October again, and the flip of a calendar page has tripped us out of summer and into the audio high season! There’s nothing like the miniature harvest moons of Allnic’s illuminated current meters and the glow of tubes to accompany the sound of perfectly reproduced music from all seasons and all over the world on now chilly nights. To help us find the audio gear that will get us through the long cold winters, hopefully for years to come, the Stereo and Home Theatre show season has also started in earnest – there will be plenty of these now until well into spring.

Here in Canada, one of the most important exhibitions is the Toronto Audio Fest: Toronto Audio Fest 2019

This year, Allnic Audio will be well-represented by the very knowledgeable and gracious Don Corby of Corby’s Audio out of Freelton, Ontario. Don has represented Allnic for several years and knows the equipment very well. We visited him earlier this year and had a great time – and learned a lot – see our Allnic blog from May of this year for more about Don and Corby’s Audio. Be sure to pay Don a visit in Room 351! You can also contact Don at:

Corby’s Audio
26 Carlisle Road, Freelton, ON
Tel: 905.689.1976
Text: 905.818.3555

Don will be showing off Allnic’s super popular and rave reviewed entry level H-1202 phono-stage, the new T-1500 MK2 300B SET stereo integrated amplifier, and a full loom of Allnic’s sensational and, again, rave reviewed ZL (Zero Loss) cables. Come hear why Allnic continues to garner kudos and awards from reviewers all over the world! Don will also have the Pure Fidelity Harmony turntable with an Acoustic SignatureTA-1000 tonearm and a Kiseki Purple Heart cartridge as source: Pure Fidelity Turntables

Don Corby (left) and Dave Beetles at Corby’s Audio

Allnic’s electronics and cables will be on demonstration with Coherent Audio’s fabulous high sensitivity, high power handling capability loudspeakers. Coherent speakers are designed and built by hand by Frank Fazzalari, out of Stoney Creek, Ontario and are a wonderful match for Allnic’s equipment. Find out more about Coherent Loudspeakers at:

Coherent Loudspeakers

Tel: 905.518.1240

Frank Fazzalari and examples of his speakers

Register for the Audio Fest, visit Corby Audio’s room, and see and hear for yourself!

Looking forward to your visit to the Toronto Audio Fest, and your impressions of the show and Allnic’s demos!!


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