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Spring at Last – Road Trip Time!

Well, okay… maybe we jumped the gun a little by heading to Ontario for a few days on May 3 – but we flew – and the sun really is out now! We had only a little rain during our lovely visit to the Niagara region, but the floods in central Canada were on our mind. Our heartfelt sympathy to all those affected by the terrible devastation this year, and our wishes for a fast recovery from this second unbelievable natural disaster in two years.

IMG_3438.jpgApart from some family matters, the purpose of our visit was to touch base with customers and to visit our Allnic retailer, Don Corby, of Corby’s Audio in Freelton

Don has been representing Allnic electronics and ZL technology since mid 2018. To date, we have done all our communications by phone and email, so it was a pleasure to finally meet him in person and see the operation. His hospitality was stellar!

 Here we are in the shop, Don on the left, with some of the Allnic stars on the 600 kg hardwood stand behind us. What a fantastic display, and the sound was incredible.


The converted and fully insulated Quonset makes for an excellent listening venue. Note the L-10000 and L-7000 preamplifiers, M-3000 Mk2 monoblocks, and a lovely sounding setup consisting of Allnic’s 300B integrated T-1500 Mk2 and H-1202 phono stage powering Frank Fazzalari’s Coherent single driver design. And… look at those turntables!! The setups were both eye and ear candy, so much that I had to photo shop the pictures to avoid embarrassing myself!




If you get the chance, stop by Don’s storelocated in Freelton, Ontario. If you can only look at his website, it’s well worth the time and effort. Don is a wonderful host and he knows his stuff. Thanks for a great visit, Don!

 Another GREAT Review for Allnic’s ZL-Technology Cables

We are absolutely thrilled – Marc Mickelson of The Audio Beat, just published his review of a loom of ZL cabling, and reports amazing results. Those results include direct comparison with some of the most famous products available. We won’t reproduce all of what he has to say; you can read it all at:

But we are very, very pleased that Marc again confirms that Allnic’s ZL cables are incredible value, not only in the sense of being true high-end products of impeccable design, robust build, and outstanding sound quality, but also as pure “bang for the buck”. What you get with the ZL cables, relative to what you spend, is in our view, unmatched. Marc says:

As for the competition, Shunyata’s Sigma line comes quickly to mind, but I’ve not heard those interconnects and speaker cables in my system. The set of cables with which I’m most familiar, and the last set of cables I reviewed, were Nordost’s mighty Odin 2. I said about Odin 2, they present “the truth of the musical signal, the electronics and speakers with unequaled fidelity,” which sounds similar to what I’m saying about the Allnic cables. Yet, in my listening notes on the Allnic cables, I called them “the anti-Odin 2.” What I meant by this seems easily understandable — the Allnic cables are not like Odin 2 — but that’s not what I was getting at. It’s not that the Allnic cables sound completely different from Odin 2. Instead, while they sound broadly like Nordost’s top of the line, with some variation, there is still one huge difference: price. You can buy an entire set of Allnic cables, power cords included, for the cost — $22,499 — of one pair of Odin 2 interconnects. Cost being equal, Nordost’s proprietary process for creating Odin 2, along with the cables’ outrageously high resolving power, would give the nod to Nordost. But for some systems and most budgets, the Allnic cables will be just the finishing touch.

Yes, Nordost offers other cable lines that cost less; I’ve also reviewed Valhalla 2, which are still much more expensive than the Allnic cables. But when all possible competition has been considered, the Allnic interconnects and speaker cables still stand their sonic ground, offering “the truth of the musical signal,” price difference or not.

And to conclude, after a concise explanation of what Mr. Park has done to produce the ZL cable products:

In general, the Allnic interconnects and speaker cables sound more like the electronics and speakers with which they are used than some innate character of their own. And if you think about it, that’s really what you want from cables: to get out of the way, to neither add to nor subtract from the music. Throughout my time with them, and the many system iterations with which they were used, they always imparted an authentic sense of the music, as though the system was in a purer, more direct state.

It’s a great, detailed review and we are very grateful for the time and quality of analysis Mr. Mickelson dedicated to it – well worth the read!!

 They’re (Almost) Heeeeeeere!

Stay Tuned!

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