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Analog Stars!

It just keeps coming – this time it’s great news for vinyl lovers! Following on Audiophilia’s hugely enthusiastic review of the new Allnic H-1202 phono-stage, we’ve had numerous inquiries to purchase and more great feedback from buyers, for just a couple of examples:

I thought many times (like when I am totally engaged in an evening of listening to music) that I must drop you a line to let you know how happy I am with this phono stage. It was a lucky day when Anthony introduced me to the Allnic H 1202 and then to you.

I really like the 1202 – I began listening and thinking “hmm it’s alright, what’s the hype” after listening more I began to go through more of the “go-to” records and enjoyed what I was hearing. I called a few fellas over for a listen and their opinions and an eventual A/B with the ANK we all preferred the Allnic, we did a Mullard tube upgrade on the ANK and it was very close to the Allnic but better is better ….ahh the evils of audio. I do want one…

These are a result, for sure, of the incredible interest in the piece, indicated by the “record” number of views for the website that the review received on its first day – and the review awarded the H-1202 an Audiophilia “Star Component” rating! There’s no doubt that this marvelous little phono-stage is proving big favourite with “record players” (the people, and the vinyl rigs!) all over the globe. As Allnic’s entry level phono-stage, it seems to have hit just the right balance between performance and price, and clearly makes truly magical music in set-ups of all kinds. It’s another testament to KS Park’s impeccable and seemingly unceasingly creative engineering and “ear-gineering”. Evidently, a lot of us hear similarly after all – and agree with Mr. Park about what is “right”.

Read the review here:

And the sky continues to fill with Allnic stars. There were more than 14,000 views of the Audiophilia review of Allnic’s new H-7000 phono-stage on its first day on the web. A solid indication of the interest Mr. Park’s designs are earning. AND, the H-7000 again garnered the highest praise and another “Star Component” rating from the folks at Audiophilia. The H-7000 and H-7000V are two versions of Allnic’s second from the top of the range phono-stage (the number one being the incredible H-8000 DHT – DHT = Direct Heated Triode). The H-7000V version adds equalization adjustment that allows the user to vary the equalization curve to match not only the RIAA standard, but others that were used prior to RIAA being adopted. It means you can play all those records recorded in the early days as they were meant to be heard!

And on top of that… we think Mr. Kershaw’s observations on the performance of the H-7000 in the Audiophilia review are dead-on:

The 7000 throws a huge soundstage, wide and deep, more akin to Allnic’s family resembling H-1202 than my solid state Sutherland Engineering Duo Phono Preamplifier. Dynamics are of the slam dunk variety. But, even more impressive—and what many listeners mistake as dynamics—are the myriad of subtle marks of expression that never escape its remarkably musical clutches. The lightest accent, a feather touch of pianissimo, forte pianos that sound as such and most definitely not sforzandos, musicians that move like quicksilver at the flick of a baton, and diminuendos and crescendos that have maximum musical impact.

Imaging from this precision musical instrument is strikingly accurate. It’s always a source of wonder as one realizes just how much audio designers of merit and ingenuity wring out of vinyl grooves.

Backgrounds were inky, LP surfaces were very quiet, and the noise floor was subterranean. These qualities allowed me to hear incredibly layered soundstages beginning in the back of a hall right up to the proscenium.

Read the full review here:

All we can say is thank you!! And the H-7000 is another opportunity to “heLP” yourself to a new level of music appreciation!

Coming soon: a tale of audio adventure, an experiment in combining the very best of the vintage world with the most up-to-date design work that KS Park is doing. You might know that Mr. Park has created the world’s first constant impedance attenuator. It’s used in the L-8000 DHT and L-10000 OTL/OCL (output transformer-less/output capacitor-less) line-stage preamplifiers. Now imagine a speaker crossover with the same characteristics… stay tuned.

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